World Football Cup 2002


From May 31 to June 30 Korea and Japan were hosts to the FIFA World Football Cup 2002 Cup in which 32 national teams took part. Three coins, one of gold and two of silver were minted to commemorate this event.


The coins minted to commemorate the World Football Cup 2002, all manufactured in proof quality, have different motifs on the obverse and the reverse.

Detalles - Mundial de Fútbol 2002
Name Face value Weight Diameter Mint run
Gold 4-escudos letter G 200 € 13,5 g 30 mm 4.000
Silver 8-reales letter O 10 € 27 g 40 mm 25.000
Silver 8-reales letter L 10 € 27 g 40 mm 25.000

Gold 4-escudos letter G

The obverse illustrates two players competing for the ball, surrounded by the letter "G", and the reverse shows a football boot.

Silver 8-reales letter O

The obverse of this coin reproduces a player about to shoot a ball showing the letter "O". The reverse motif is a football.

Silver 8-reales letter L

The obverse illustrates the goalkeeper's stretch towards the ball and the letter "L". On the reverse, the goalkeeper's glove.



Complete set - Price: 501,12 Euros (*)

Single Coins

Gold 8-escudos - Price: 417,60 Euros (*)

Silver 8-reales - Price: 41,76 Euros (*)

(*) Official issue price in Spain. For current prices, please contact your coin dealer.