Fifth Ibero-American Series: Sailing


Complete set Fifth Iberoamerican Series: Sailing

The 5th issue of the Latin American series "Encounter of two worlds" is dedicated to "Navigation". This set is made up of 10 coins, one for each of the countries participating, plus a medal that commemorates the 10th Anniversary of the series.

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A special characteristic of the series is that each participating country allows its national coat of arms to be reproduced on the other countries' coins. Thus, on the reverse of the coins one can see the national coat-of-arms of the issuing country surrounded by the coats of arms of the other participating countries.

Fifth Ibero-American Series: Sailing
Name Face value Weight Diameter Run
Silver 8 reales Argentina 25 pesos 27,00 g 40,00 mm 12.000 sets
Silver 8 reales Cuba 10 pesos 27,00 g 40,00 mm 12.000 sets
Silver 8 reales Ecuador 25.000 sucres 27,00 g 40,00 mm 12.000 sets
Silver 8 reales Spain 10 euros 27,00 g 40,00 mm 12.000 sets
Silver 8 reales Guatemala 1 Quetzal 27,00 g 40,00 mm 12.000 sets
Silver 8 reales Mexico 5 pesos 27,00 g 40,00 mm 12.000 sets
Silver 8 reales Nicaragua 10 Cordoba 27,00 g 40,00 mm 12.000 sets
Silver 8 reales Paraguay 1 guaraní 27,00 g 40,00 mm 12.000 sets
Silver 8 reales Peru 1 nuevo sol 27,00 g 40,00 mm 12.000 sets
Silver 8 reales Portugal 10 euros 27,00 g 40,00 mm 12.000 sets
Silver 8 reales Medal ---- 27,00 g 40,00 mm 12.000 sets


Silver 8 reales Argentina

The obverse of the coin shows the Frigate Presidente Sarmiento, so named in acknowledgment and appreciation of the founder of the Naval School. It was launched on August 31, 1897 and its seaworthiness tests were completed in May 1898. From 1899 it was in service as a Naval Ship. In 1961 it became the Argentinean Navy's Museum Ship, and was finally declared a National Historic Monument.

Silver 8 reales Cuba

The obverse of the coin portrays La Santísima Trinidad, a ship built by D. Mateo Mullán. It weighed 2163 tons and had an overall length of 213.8 feet and a beam of 58 feet. The best woods from the island's forests were used in its construction: mahogany, júcaro, caguairán, and it became a symbol of the rebirth of Havana in the anxious days of the siege of 1762.

Silver 8 reales Ecuador

The obverse of the coin depicts a Guayaquil Raft. This, to all historical accounts, was utilized as a means of fluvial and maritime transport for conveying all manner of goods and fruits, from the ship's hold to Guayaquil, and thence to la Puná, Salto de Tumbez and Payta. It furthered the medium and long distance exchange not only of articles and farm produce but also of knowledge and technology.

Silver 8 reales Spain

The design on the obverse of this coin is based on an engraving by the artist José Espinós Gisbert (1877-1956), who joined the Casa de la Moneda in 1924 as an assistant coin engraver. The engraving represents a 16th century galleon. The development of overseas trade required well-built, steady ships that could face up to the heavy ocean swell, that had a good complement of sails and that were capable of accommodating a heavy dead weight, both in artillery and in goods and foodstuffs. The galleon weighed from 300 to 800 tons and had an overall length of 30 meters.

Silver 8 reales Guatemala

The inspiration for the design on the obverse is derived from an artistic expression of primitive sailing, the canoe, that was utilized by the Mayans to provide themselves with food and to travel among the different villages. The craft consisted of a hollowed-out portion of the trunk of the tree known as the Ceiba (today, Guatemala's National Tree), lined with leather.

Silver 8 reales Mexico

The obverse of the coin exhibits the Acapulco Galleon. Its significance is to be found in the sphere of international trade during the 16th, 17th and part of the 18th centuries, and it represented cultural exchange with all the eastern countries.

Silver 8 reales Nicaragua

The obverse of the coin shows a canoe hugging the shoreline of the islets on Lake Cocibolca.

Silver 8 reales Paraguay

The obverse portrays the South American continent as a background design, highlighting the Mediterranean ambiance of Paraguay and the importance of the River Paraguay. Also depicted is a caravel (symbolizing THE MOTHER COUNTRY, SPAIN) swaying in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean by virtue of the vigorous WIND, in turn symbolically represented among the clouds. On the opposite side appears a group that provides a true likeness of the GUARANí people in a canoe fashioned out of tree bark.

Silver 8 reales Peru

The concept illustrated on the obverse of the Peruvian coin is the association between the ancient Peruvian art form and the daily means of subsistence in a natural context: the sea. The main motif depicted is a Moche ceramic that shows two fishermen rowing on opposite sides of a small raft made of reeds.

Silver 8 reales Portugal

The obverse of the coin portrays a caravel (the most famous ship of the Age of Discovery, a sextant and a ship's compass, the latter being an essential point of reference for the sextant in order to plot the ship's position.

Silver 8 reales Medal

The obverse represents the ocean that has marked the Meeting of Two Worlds. On the reverse can be seen a map of the Hispanic-American World.


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