Olympic Games Athens 2004


Boxed set Olympic Games Athens 2004

The Olympiad to be held in Athens in August 2004 signifies a return to the country in which the Games were first celebrated over 2000 years ago, and to the city where the first Olympic Games of the modern era were held.

Athens 2004 wishes to promote Olympic ideals, culture and peace by "custom tailoring" the forthcoming Games.

This has inspired the FNMT-RCM to approve, mint and release a collector coin that has the texts and motifs on its reverse dedicated to Games-related themes.


8 reales plata JJOO Atenas 2004

El anverso reproduce las efigies superpuestas de Sus Majestades los Reyes de España Don Juan Carlos y Doña Sofía. Rodeando los motivos y leyendas aparece una gráfila de perlas.

El reverso reproduce la imagen de un atleta practicando carrera de vallas y, como fondo, un mapa del mundo de forma esquematizada.

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8 Reales silver - Hurdle jumper

The obverse features the overlapping profiles of Their Majesties King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain. A finely beaded milled edge surrounds the texts and motifs.

The reverse portrays an athlete practicing the hurdle race against a background depicting a schematic map of the world.

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Details - Olympic Games Athens 2004
Name Face value Weight Diameter Mint run
Silver coin made of 925 ppt silver 10 € 27 g 40.00 mm 30,000



8 reales silver - Price: 41,76 Euros (*)

(*) Retail price in Spain.