World Basketball Champions - Japan 2006


Complete Proof Set

The Spanish Basketball Team had its biggest all-time success with the award of a gold medal at the 15th World Basketball Championships held in Japan during the summer of 2006.

The Spanish Royal Mint, desiring to join in the celebration of this record Spanish victory, has minted two collector coins featuring basketball-related themes.


World Basketball Champions - Japan 2006

The bi-metal coin is shaped as a regular 12-sided polygon and is composed of three pieces, assembled during the minting process, made out of 0.999 gold and 0.925 silver. The 8 reales coin, circular in shape and with a reeded edge, is minted in 0.925 silver.

The coins may be purchased individually, each in its own case, or as a set of the two coins together in one case.

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Details - World Basketball Champions - Japan 2006
Name Face Value Weight Diameter Mint Run
Bi-metal coin 300-Euro Gold-17,26 g Silver-11,54g 40mm 2.006
8 reales silver 10-Euro 27,00 g 40mm 15.000


Bi-metal coin

Obverse and reverse Bi-metal coin. World Basketball Champions - Japan 2006

The obverse depicts a pair of hands poised to shoot the ball into the basket in the background. The image of a ball, fashioned in silver, is inserted above.

The reverse portrays a player from the Spanish Basketball Team dunking the ball. The image of the ball, fashioned in silver, has been inserted into the coin to coincide with the ball on the obverse.

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8 reales silver

The obverse features His Majesty King Juan Carlos.

On the reverse, over the drawing of a ball, a scene is shown of two basketball players in which one of them attempts to dunk the ball and the other tries to stop him.

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The Set

Case containing 2 coins - Price: 1.096,40 Euros(*)

Individual coins

Gold and silver coin - Price: 1.050,00 Euros(*)

The 8-reales silver - Price: 46,40 Euros(*)

(*) Official retail price in Spain.