12 Euros-Internat. Year of Planet Earth


The current year 2008 was designated by the General Assembly of the United Nations to be the International Year of Planet Earth. The primary objective of this initiative is to show how Earth-related sciences can assist future generations in an understanding of the Planet and in the ways it can be safeguarded and thus promote the sustainable development of society.

The Spanish Royal Mint, interested in helping this initiative to proliferate, undertook to mint a 12-Euro coin in sterling silver.


12 Euros-Año Internacional del Planeta Tierra

The coin comes in a stylish coin case, numbered and limited to 15,000 units.

The coin case cover depicts the earth's globe cupped in a hand, symbolizing the rationale for this International Year, which is a commitment to the preservation of man's life, his environment and his future.

12 Euros in .925 Sterling Silver

12 euros- Plata

Struck in .925 sterling silver, the obverse portrays the overlapping effigies of Their Majesties King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain.

The reverse features the earth's sphere cupped in a hand. In addition, the lower part of the coin displays a pair of outstretched hands and the digits 08 coined using the latent image technique over the shape representing the southern segment of the globe.

Detalles - 12 Euros - Año Internacional del Planeta Tierra
Name Face value Weight Diameter Mint run
12 Euros in .925 sterling silver 12 € 18 g 33 mm 2.000.000


Official retail price in Spain, excluding any relevant taxes:

12 Euros 9.25 sterling silver - 16,95 Euros

The coin comes in a stylish coin case, numbered and limited to 15,000 units.

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