Spanish Painters Series - Velázquez


The new series of collector coins entitled "Spanish Painters" consists of a group of issues dedicated to commemorating our country's finest pictorial artists.

In this first series the Spanish Royal Mint pays tribute to Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez, considered to be one of the greatest painters that Spain has contributed to world art.


Struck in proof quality, the collector coins in this 1st Series of Spanish Painters come in stylish jewel boxes.

They may be acquired either singly, each coin in its own case, or as a complete set.

Detalles - I Serie Pintores Españoles - Velázquez
Name Face Value Weight Diameter Mint Run
4-escudos gold 200 € 13,5 g 30 mm 3.500
Cincuentín silver 50 € 168,75 g 73 mm 5.000
8-reales silver 10 € 27 g 40 mm 12.000

4-escudos gold

The obverse reproduces the statue entitled "Velazquez" sculpted by Aniceto Marinas, which stands outside the main entrance to the Prado Museum.

The reverse depicts a rendering of the oil painting "The Lances" or "The surrender of Breda", which is housed in the Prado Museum.

Cincuentín silver

The obverse portrays the scene from the oil painting "The Triumph of Bacchus" or "The Drunkards" that hangs in the Prado Museum.

The reverse is a rendering of the oil painting known as "The Meninas" or "The Family of Felipe IV" which is kept in the Prado Museum.

8-reales silver

The obverse portrays an effigy of Velazquez taken from his "Self-portrait" that hangs in the Museum of Fine Arts in Valencia.

The reverse features a rendering of the oil painting "Queen Marianna of Austria" that is housed in the Prado Museum.


Official retail price in Spain, excluding any relevant taxes:

The Sets

Complete Set - 1014 Euros (*)

Individual coins

4-escudos gold - 710 Euros (**)

Cincuentín silver - 260 Euros

8-reales silver - 44 Euro

(*) Sets containing gold and silver coins: VAT will be applied only to the silver coins.

(**) 4-escudos gold: exempt from VAT in EU member states.