Spain's Provincial Capitals


The Spanish Royal Mint is launching an issue of 52 Collector Coins dedicated to the capital cities of Spain's provinces and the autonomous cities.

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Details - 4 reales silver

The obverse of each coin features the coat-of-arms and the name of the Capital or Autonomous City, and the reverse depicts an emblematic monument or motif. The coins come in coin cases within a band-wrapped display triptych together with the coin's certificate of authenticity and proof of purchase.

Detalles - 4 reales plata
Name Composition Face value Weight Diameter Quality
4 reales .925 sterling silver 5 € 13,50 g 33 mm Proof


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Official retail price in Spain, excluding any applicable taxes:

  • Individual coins: €30

Visit our website at (only spanish web), where you will find detailed information about the entire collection, including high-definition images of the coins and their cases.