Dual Year Spain-Russia 2011


Año Dual España-Rusia 2011. Abre en ventana nueva.

Since the re-establishment of full diplomatic relations in 1977 Spain and Russia have experienced more than three decades of close friendship and productive exchanges. Enhancing the peaceful accord that they enjoyed throughout centuries past, both countries are conscious of having contributed to Europe's political and cultural heritage with exceptional experiences.

Spain and Russia lead, and also share remarkable prospects, in their ties to other cultures and civilizations.

The Dual Year Spain-Russia 2011 seeks to lay the basis for a qualitative change in the relationship between the two countries, most particularly in the economic sphere. Technological innovation and modernization will be the "leitmotiv" of the Year. The project will be developed in harmony with the idea of a common objective of modernization, as was set out in the Rostov-on-Don Declaration between Russia and the European Union in May 2010.

To commemorate the Dual Year Spain-Russia the Spanish Royal Mint decided together with the Bank of Russia on the minting of two silver coins, the obverses being designed in close collaboration.

Details - 8-reales silver: Dual Year Spain-Russia 2011

8 reales plata: Año Dual España - Rusia. Abre en ventana nueva.

The reverses depict, respectively, images of a Don Quixote and of a ballerina from the Russian Ballet. The scene portrayed to the left of Don Quixote is a landscape from La Mancha. To the right of the ballerina a Russian landscape is pictured.

The obverse portrays the likeness of His Majesty King Juan Carlos.

Details - 8-reales silver: Dual Year Spain-Russia 2011
Name Composition Face Value Weight Diameter Quality Mint run
8 reales 925 silver 10 € 27 g 40 mm Proof 7.500


A joint set made up of both the Spanish and the Russian coins. The maximum mint run for this Set is 1,500 units.

Details - Set
Name Composition Face value Weight Diameter Quality Mint run
Russian coin Plata 925 milésimas 3 Rublos 33,62 g 39 mm Proof 1.500


Official retail price in Spain, excluding any relevant taxes:  


8-reales silver - 50 Euros

Set - 140 Euros