10th Anniversary of the Euro


The year 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Euro. Euro coins and banknotes were released into circulation in 12 European countries on January 1, 2002. A further 5 countries were subsequently incorporated into the Euro Zone.

About 330 million people have the Euro as their only currency.

The Spanish Royal Mint is commemorating this event by issuing a magnificent set of two sterling silver coins.


Minted in Proof quality, the coins in this set come in stylish jewel cases.

Detalle X Aniversario del Euro
Name Composition Face Value Weight Diameter Quality Mint run
8 reales .925 sterling silver 10 € 27 g 40 mm Proof 12.000
Cincuentín .925 sterling silver 50 € 168,75 g 73 mm Proof 4.000

8 reales silver

On the reverse children are depicted playing with twelve stars on a base of two horizontal lines that form part of an enlarged Euro symbol featured in center ground. At right, a quadruple latent image reveals a crowned "M", the number 12, a star and the Euro symbol. Above this, the coin's face value, "10 EURO". The mint mark beneath. The lower part of the coin exhibits the text "X ANIVERSARIO DEL EURO.

The obverse portrays the likeness of His Majesty King Juan Carlos I.

Cincuentín silver

The reverse displays a rendering of the myth of the Abduction of Europa by the god Zeus. At right, the mint mark. Scrolls fill the coin field. The motifs and texts are delimited by a decorating edge.

The obverse features a greatly enlarged Euro symbol with the upper-case text "X ANIVERSARIO DEL EURO" and "ESPAÑA 2012" inset into its semicircular shape. To the right is a portrayal of the earth's globe outlining a map of Europa. The twelve starts are scattered over the coin field.


Official retail price in Spain, excluding any relevant taxes:


Set 2 coins - 310 Euros

Individual coins

8 reales silver - 50 Euros

Cincuentín silver - 260 Euros