Millennium Kingdom of Granada


To mark the anniversary in 2013 of one thousand years since the creation of the Kingdom of Granada, the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre-Spanish Royal Mint has prepared a release of collector coins under the heading "Millennium Kingdom of Granada". This release is composed of two coins, one in gold with a face value of 100 euros, and the other in silver with a face value of 10 euros, both minted in proof quality. The coins will be on sale to the general public on October 21.


Minted in Proof quality, the collector coins in this issue come in stylish jewel cases.

Each coin may be purchased singly in its own case. The complete set presents both coins together in the same case.

Millennium Kingdom of Granada
Name Composition Face Value Weight Diameter Quality Mint Run
8 reales .925 sterling silver 10 € 27 g 40 mm Proof 10.000
2 escudos .999 gold 100 € 6.75 g 23 mm Proof 4.000

8 reales - silver

The obverse portrays the likeness of His Majesty King Juan Carlos I.

The reverse features an image of the Courtyard of the Lions in Granada's Alhambra Palace.

2 escudos - gold

The obverse portrays the likeness of His Majesty King Juan Carlos I.

The reverse shows the fountain and one of the pavilions in the Courtyard of the Lions, including the capital of a column in Granada's Alhambra Palace.


Official retail price in Spain, excluding any relevant taxes::


  • Set 2 coins - 425 Euros (*)

Individual coins

  • 2 escudos gold - 375 Euros (**)
  • 8 reales silver - 50 Euros

(*) Collector sets that include gold and silver coins: VAT is applied to the silver coins only.

(**) The gold 4 escudos coin: VAT-Exempt in the E.U. member states.

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