4th Centenary of the death of Cervantes


The current year 2016 commemorates the IV Centenary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra, the most important author of all time in the Castilian language.

Cervantes was a novelist, a poet and a playwright. He was born in Alcala de Henares on September 29, 1547 and died in Madrid on April 22, 1616. His masterwork, "Don Quixote", believed to be the first modern European novel, is a classic opus in western literature, and is considered one of the best works of fiction ever to be created.

To mark this occasion, the F.N.M.T. - R.C.M. has issued a set of collector coins.


Minted to proof quality, the collector coins in this set come in stylish jewel cases.

You may purchase the coins singly, each one in its own case, or acquire the full set presented in a two-coin case.

4th Centenary of the death of Cervantes
Name Composition Face Value Weight Diameter Quality Mint Run
8 reales .925 sterling silver 10 € 27 g 40 mm Proof 7.500
4 escudos .999 gold 200 € 13.5 g 30 mm Proof 2.500


8 reales silver

The obverse portrays the likeness of His Majesty King Felipe.

The reverse depicts the statue of Cervantes that stands in the Plaza de las Cortes in Madrid; to right, the mint mark of Juan de la Cuesta, the printer of the first edition of "Don Quixote" and of other works by Cervantes.

4 escudos gold

The obverse portrays the likeness of His Majesty King Felipe.

The reverse features the terra cotta busts of Don Quixote and Sancho that are housed in Spain's Royal Academy; to right, an inkwell and a quill pen on a blank scroll.


Official retail price in Spain, excluding any relevant taxes:

Complete set

  • Set 2 coins - 770 Euro (*)

Individual coins

  • 4 escudos gold - 725 Euro (**)
  • 8 reales silver - 45 Euro

(*) Collector sets that include gold and silver coins: VAT is applied to the silver coins only.

(**) The gold 4 escudos coin: VAT-Exempt in the E.U. member states.

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