2010 - Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba


This special edition that renders tribute to Cordoba's Mosque-Cathedral, of World Heritage site status, comes in an original numbered currency case, in a limited edition of 5,000 units.

The currency case contains the stamp in a souvenir sheet, together with the artist's proof and the commemorative 2-Euro coin.

Detalles - Moneda de 2 Euros conmemorativa
Name Face value Weight Diameter
2 Euro commemorative 2 € 8,5 g 22,75 mm
Detalles - Hoja bloque
Name Face value Dimensions
Stamp sheet 2 € 104.5x150 mm

Commemorative 2-Euro Coin

The fourth issue of the 2-Euro coin depicts on the reverse a rendering of the interior of the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, one of the oldest and finest examples of Islamic art in Europe.This is the first yearly series coin dedicated to sites in Spain that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.


2010 - Mezquita Catedral de Córdoba

The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba was named by the UNESCO a "Heritage of Mankind" site in 1984. This monument's period of glory had its start in the 8th century at a time when Cordoba's splendor had grown to rival that of Constantinople, Damascus or Baghdad. This treasure of caliphal architecture stands on a site once occupied by an ancient Visigothic basilica and the original mosque that was acquired by Abd-ar-Rahman I in order to build the definitive current and principal Alhama Mosque. The architectural assemblage expanded over the years, until finally in the 13th century, under Saint Ferdinand III, the Mosque became a cathedral.

The Spanish Royal Mint has launched jointly with the Postal Service  the issue of a currency case containing a commemorative 2-Euro coin and a stamp souvenir sheet in honor of this inspired and magnificent historical structure.



Currency case 2 Euro coin and souvenir stamp sheet - Price: 20,00 Euro (*)

(*) Official retail price in Spain.