2014 - The Creations of Gaudi (Silver stamp)



Silver stamp in block-sheet format - Price: €12.40 (*)

Set of stamp plus €2 coin - Price: €24.79 (*)

(*) Official retail price in Spain, excluding any applicable taxes.


The FNMT-RCM, in addition to printing philatelic products, collaborates with the Postal Service in creating jointly-produced sets of collector coins and stamps.

In 2014 we released the artist's proof of the souvenir stamp sheet dedicated to the Park Guell as part of the UNESCO World Heritage.  The stamp, circular in shape, that accompanies this issue, reproduces the obverse of a 2-Euro commemorative coin dedicated to the Park Guell.


The proof portrays one of the most widely known and visited creations in the extensive repertoire of the brilliant Catalonian artist Antonio Gaudi.

Depicted in this work is a dragon, an image that has become the most popular in the Park, situated on the flights of steps that link the forecourt to the Sala Hipostila.  The trencadis method, a mosaic made up of pottery fragments affixed with mortar, was a creation of Gaudi's, which was adopted by the Catalonian Modernist movement, and is nowadays utilized by architects of standing.