2015 - Altamira Caves



Artist's proof – with reproduction of the SILVER STAMP - Price: €15 (VAT inc.).

Special triple-feature product - Price: €30 (VAT inc.).


In addition to printing philatelic products, FNMT-RCM joins forces with Correos (the Spanish Post Office) in the issuance of combined series of collector coins and stamps.

On this occasion, two products dedicated to the Altamira Cave are launched.

Situated in the municipal area of Santillana del Mar (Cantabria), the Altamira Cave was the first place in the world where the existence of cave art during the Upper Palaeolithic was identified.

The cave is best known for its polychrome ceiling, with figures of huge horses in red, bison, deer and bulls. Natural pigments were used in the paintings: reds and browns were obtained from iron oxide while black was obtained from coal.


Artist's proof – with reproduction of the SILVER STAMP

This proof reproduces the 32 mm circular stamp in 999 thousandths SILVER. It shows the image of a bison from one of the most famous cave paintings. The Altamira Cave coin, put into circulation in 2015, appears on the stamp.

A special triple-feature product

Product with a maximum run of 3,000 units. A joint edition by Correos and Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre.

A special product with three features relating to the Altamira Cave:

- The circular stamp in block-sheet format


- Plus the €2 coin.

Complete with FNMT-RCM's Certificate of Authenticity of the silver stamp Patrimonio Mundial. Cueva de Altamira (World Heritage, Altamira Cave).