Menu of Services

The Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre-Real Casa de la Moneda (FNMT-RCM) during its history of more than one hundred years has been entrusted with the manufacture of products and documents that are essential in every citizen's lifetime, documents that thwart forgeries and tampering, that are produced in a secure environment and that contain the utmost in safeguards and quality.

The FNMT-RCM has constantly adapted to a changing society, and this is why we can provide the general public directly with such services as:

  • The sale of coins, medals, engravings, etc., either through the Museum Shop or through the online store.
  • The Electronic Certificate (CERES) that provides authentication and guaranteed confidentiality of communications between individuals, corporations, public entities and administrations via the open communication networks.
  • Services that are specific to the Casa de la Moneda Museum.

This Menu of Services supports the catalogue of products designed for clients both private and official.  It is written for the purpose of informing citizens of these three services that are currently available from the FNMT-RCM and which incorporate standards of quality and commitment to constant improvement identical to the   criteria that are present in the FNMT-RCM's core values.

Services provided


Procurement of the FNMT electronic certificate which enables access to the services that the different Public Administrations (Central, Autonomous, Local and others) provide to the citizen.

Examples of these services include:

  • Filing of appeals and complaints.
  • Completion of data in the population and housing census forms.
  • Filing and payment of taxes.
  • Consulting and registering on the municipal register.
  • Consulting traffic fines.
  • Payment of municipal taxes (IBI, IVTM, IAE...) by direct debit.
  • Enquiring and procedure in applying for subsidies.
  • Consulting the assigning of electoral colleges.
  • Notified processes.
  • Electronic signature of official documents and issue of authenticated copies.

Further information at


Permanent Exhibition

The exhibition traces the history of money from its beginnings to the present day. Seventeen rooms of exhibits display not only coins and banknotes, but also postage stamps, engravings, medals, stamped paper, lottery tickets and minting and printing devices, equipment and tools.

A virtual visit to the Museum is available.

Temporary Exhibitions

Throughout the year the Casa de la Moneda Museum organizes an extensive program of temporary exhibitions of its collections, and routinely collaborates with other entities, both public and private, by loaning its holdings for temporary exhibits.

Scheduling of cultural and educational activities

Philatelic and Numismatic Events, Conferences, Concerts, Workshops, Competitions and complimentary Group Visits guided by cultural volunteers (by prior appointment).

Access to the Museum's holdings will be provided to researchers and consultations on related topics will be dealt with

upon prior justified request made to the Directorship of the Museum, either by post or by e-mail at


Requests for information on publications related to the Museum's collections will be attended to, upon prior request made by a phone call to 91 566 65 38 or by e-mail at

Utilization of spaces

The Museum's rooms and the auditorium can be rented for the holding of corporate and institutional activities. For Information please call +34 91 566 65 61 or e-mail

School of Engraving and Graphic Design

By offering a Master's Degree course in Graphic Printing, Illustration and Artistic Minting, the aim is to ensure the continuity of the arts of intaglio engraving and coin engraving, two vitally important traditional arts of extreme consequence in the manufacture of products that are of major prominence for the FNMT-RCM. Further information at


The sale of collector coins medals, engravings, publications and other promotional articles. Purchases can be made through the online store, via phone call, or by direct purchase from the Museum Shop (Doctor Esquerdo, 36) or from the Airport Shop at Barajas (Terminal 1. Non-Schengen Zone). Further information available at and by calling the phone-in ordering service +34 91 566 65 42.

Quality Commitments

CERES (Electronic Certificate)

Download of the individual user certificate within 24 to 48 hours, once the citizen's identity has been verified. Complaints registered will be answered within 15 working days. Availability of the electronic certification service is guaranteed for at least 95 per cent of the total time, calculated in increments.

Casa de la Moneda Museum

Applications for guided group visits will be answered within a maximum of eight working days from receipt of application.

Applications from researchers for access to the holdings and documents will be answered within a maximum of eight working days from receipt of request.

Advance notification of the annual program of cultural activities will be posted both in the Museum's facilities and on its web site, prior to December 31 of the previous year.

Complaints registered will be answered within 15 working days.

Master's Degree taught will provide a minimum of 60 credits.

Museum Shop

Products purchased from the virtual shop or via phone-in order will be delivered within 10 working days after purchase. Complaints registered will be answered within 15 days.

Indicators of Quality Standards

CERES (Electronic Certificate)

  • Percentage of individual user certificates downloaded within the time period pledged (24-48 hours).
  • Percentage of monthly availability of the Services (yearly accumulated figure).  Objective is 95 per cent.
  • Number of complaints registered.
  • Percentage of complaints answered within the period pledged.
  • Level of perceived quality, taken from client satisfaction surveys.


  • Number of visitors to the Museum.
  • Number of virtual visits to the Museum via the Internet.
  • Number of Museum exhibits that can be viewed online.
  • Number of applications made for guided group visits.
  • Percentage of visitor applications answered within the period pledged.
  • Number of requests from researchers.
  • Percentage of replies to researchers within the period pledged.
  • Number of notifications of scheduled Museum activities posted within the period pledged.
  • Number of complaints registered.
  • Percentage of complaints answered within the period pledged.
  • Number of credits obtainable from the Master's Degree course taught at the School of Engraving.

Museum Shop

  • Percentage of orders shipped within the periods pledged.
  • Number of complaints registered.
  • Percentage of complaints answered within the period pledged.

Corrective measures

In the event of complaints due to non-compliance with the commitments stated in this Menu of Services, report them to the Unit in charge of the Menu.

The Managing Director will inform the interested party in writing of the measures taken to correct the non-compliance, once this has been verified.

Management systems

The FNMT-RCM has implemented and certified quality management systems ISO 9001-2008, certified by AENOR, OHSAS 18001:2007; the occupational safety and health management system, certified by AENOR, and the environmental management system ISO 14.001-2001 for the design and manufacture of banknotes and coins certified by BUREAU VERITAS.

Complaints and suggestions

The general public may submit their complaints and suggestions regarding the services provided in any of the following ways:

  • By post, addressed to the General Registry of the FNMT-RCM, Calle Jorge Juan 106, 28071 Madrid.
  •  Via the electronic site (  This system requires the use of the e-ID card or the approved electronic signature by State-recognized certification.
  •  Via e-mail to and  These e-mails should bear the interested party's electronic signature.
  • In person, by completion of the form (available from General Services, part of the Human Resources Department) consistent with the model form approved by Royal Decree 208/1996, dated February 9.

All complaints and suggestions will be answered within a maximum of twenty working days, as provided for in Royal Decree 951/2005, dated July 29.

Ways in which citizens can participate and collaborate

By registering complaints and suggestions as provided for in this Menu of Services.  By written proposal to the unit responsible for the Menu.  By satisfaction surveys, conducted periodically and via the Internet, to convey their opinion on the service provided.