Quality Certifications

The Quality Policy seeks to provide a frame of reference through which to establish and review the enterprise's targets so as to step up the financial and social profitability obtained in both the short and the long terms. This can be achieved by meeting the needs and expectations of the various interested parties involved in our activity: customers and users of our products and services, employees, suppliers and partners, the State as owner and society at large. As a result, our focus is on improving...

... customer and end-user satisfaction...

  • Identifying their needs and expectations and ensuring the fulfilment of their requirements.
  • Offering them innovative solutions and designing products that meet and exceed their expectations.
  • Listening to their opinions and complaints and conveying them to all members of the enterprise's personnel, using this information to make ongoing improvements.
  • Providing fast, satisfactory solutions to any problem that may arise.

... employee satisfaction...

  • Giving them the training, information and means necessary for the discharge of their duties.
  • Improving safety conditions in the workplace by means of OHS measures.
  • Fostering top-to-bottom internal communication, informing them of the enterprise's targets and of what is expected of each employee.
  • Fostering bottom-to-top internal communication, encouraging involvement and suggestions aimed at achieving ongoing improvement.

... satisfaction of our suppliers and partners...

  • Selecting key suppliers and partners with whom to establish lasting alliances.
  • Sharing knowledge and entering into agreements of cooperation enabling us to take part in joint development projects.

... satisfaction of the State as owner of the enterprise...

  • Obtaining the profitability, returns and income necessary for the attainment of the right balance between the long and the short terms so as to ensure viability.
  • Maintaining an adequate risk level in respect of customers, business lines and markets.
  • The ongoing improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the enterprise's various processes.
  • Implementing methods of work conducive to the prevention of errors.
  • Boosting process control and self-control in the workplace.

... satisfaction of society at large...

  • Abiding by the laws and regulations by which our activities are governed.
  • Providing products and services of practical use to the general public.
  • Committing ourselves to sustainable development and repect for the environment.