Occupational Health and Safety

FNMT-RCM occupational health and safety policy

The FNMT-RCM manufactures an extensive variety of security products, namely banknotes, coins, passports, national identity cards, postage stamps, state lottery tickets, bingo cards, security paper for banknotes and securities, engravings, entrance tickets, government publications, printed circuit chip cards and medals.

One of the basic objectives of corporate Management is the correct implementation of occupational health and safety, in compliance with the accident legislation applicable to all of the company's work centers, including the implementation of ongoing improvement in hazard control and working conditions.

To that end, the Health and Safety Policy endorsed and espoused by corporate Management is grounded in the following commitments:

  1. To integrate the implementation of accident prevention into all the production activities of the company, endorsed by all the corporate departments and by all hierarchical levels. They will be provided with assistance in this through the participation of the Health and Safety Committee.
  2. To keep up the commitment to ongoing improvement in working conditions and implementation and performance of OHS and to provide the resources necessary for this commitment.
  3. To encourage worker participation in the development of the basic guidelines arising from the Health and Safety Policy by putting into practice training and informative measures that will enable the Policy to be known and built upon, facilitating communication with their legal representatives and maintaining the appropriate information channels for this to take place.
  4. To ensure compliance with the security requirements in work areas by evaluating the condition of the working equipment, the company's procedures and plant, and by introducing suitable measures that adhere to the basic principles of preventive action and the commitment to ongoing improvement.
  5. To look after the health of the workers by means of protocols related to the activity being performed and the associated risk.
  6. To anticipate what actions to take in emergency situations, both in the case of fire and of explosion including any other cases that might arise, and from time to time to verify that these actions are suitably effective.
  7. To watch over correct compliance with the minimum health and safety requirements established by the company on the part of suppliers, contractors and subcontractors who work with the corporation, both on our premises and in their own plants.
  8. To establish audits for the occupational health and safety system to verify that the objectives set out in this Policy are being met, and to provide the appropriate devices and recourses for a periodic review of the health and safety system in conjunction with the results of the audits.
  9. To maintain a sufficiently well trained and practiced Organization, and to conduct simulated emergency and evacuation drills that will guarantee insofar as is possible the physical integrity of the persons, property and premises of the company. As a minimum, this Organization will ensure compliance with all of the requirements detected in matters pertaining to OHS in the FNMT-RCM, whether they be legal requisites or those arising from any other source.
  10. The points expressed in this Policy mirror the commitment that the Management of the FNMT-RCM has established in order to prevent insofar as is possible any impairment or deterioration in the health of the company's workers.


For this Policy to be put into practice the Management of the FNMT-RCM will take on the responsibility for implementing a management system for occupational health and safety that will blanket the entire organization and all of its activities. It will support the actions to be defined with all the devices within its means, and will require of the personnel of the FNMT-RCM that they endorse this Policy, each individual to the extent personally possible.