Loyalty cards

The loyalty card is the physical support of programs that offer discounts, premiums, etc when the card holder purchases products from the card issuer.

Loyalty card

A loyalty card provides access to benefits specifically designed for card holders.

It is an Electronic card issued by certain manufacturers, retailers and companies that deliver services to their customers for free. Such cards allow users to store points based on the consumption made on the premises of the issuer, access to personalized offers...

Cost effective

The high capacity memory cards manufactured by the FNMT-RCM offer more cost-effective solutions in these applications, which require a level of acceptable security.

In technical terms, the concept of security for these cards is based on the division of the memory into functional areas such as PROM or pure EEPROM, together with special hardware logic.

The result is a product with an acceptable cost considering the high level of protection it offers against manipulation and fraud. In addition, these cards have the reloading advantage versus the traditional memory cards