Tourists cards

The tourist card a card based on chip technology that allows, within a stipulated time period, free access to tourists to all cultural and leisure offer (museums, monuments,churches, buildings, buses, etc.) and access to discounts in restaurants, hotels and shops.

Tourist card advantages

  • Secure finantial circuit

    Tourist card

  • Storage capacity
  • Modern image of the city
  • Offline transactions
  • Fast access
  • Statistical monitoring of the use of the different services
  • Savings for tourists
  • Promotion of different city tourist areas
  • Increase the average of tourists

The goal is to offer tourists the convenience and security to acquire in advance the supply of the city, so that later you have the freedom to use it according to your needs and / or preferences.

Many destinations in Spain have their own tourist cards that give access to a wide range of services and discounts. Giving you unlimited use of public transportation, admission to museums, and even offer discounts on entertainment and shopping.

Furthermore, this type of card can be used in other applications, such as prepayment, access control, loyalty, vending machines, etc.

Tourist card