Transport and Access Control

Among the many uses of a card is that of access control, both physical and logical. The information stored in this type of card enables the user to be identified and his rights as the card holder to be defined.

The contactless chip is the ideal solution for transactions that must be processed very fast and for activities of substantial transit (tolls, transport applications, access control, etc.). The MIFARE® family products is a 13.56 MHz contactless technology most used inthe World. MIFARE® is often considered to be a "smart card" technology. This is based on the ability to read and write to the card. In reality, MIFAR®E is simply a memory card (as opposed to a processor card). There are different products depending on the quantity of information that it stores, in addition to complying ISO standards.

Smart card - Transport and access control


Public Transport: in large cities are using MIFARE® cards to replace tradicional tickets. There are many advantages: it does not require the printing of validation data, it avoids large queues as well as allowing to record any user information without the reader. It is a fast, secure and reliable method.

The same technology is applicable to other applications: tolls, parkings or petrol stations. Other important application is the access control, application in which MIFARE® cards are used as employee ID cards in companies.

The FNMT-RCM offers the following products MIFARE®:

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  • MIFARE Classic®
  • MIFARE Plus®
  • MIFARE® DESFire®

Key benefits of contactless cards:

  • Low wear because of the absence of contact between the card and the reader
  • Fast and user-friendly
  • Short transaction times: high Speedy Communications (radio frequency) between the card and the terminal