The FNMT-RCM has available all the necessary elements to equip its products and services with the highest quality and security. The objective is to be able to offer its clients an integrated service. From the actual designing of the card to its production, handling and delivery, including consulting and training services. An all-inclusive process that is developed with absolute logical and physical security in the hands of highly qualified personnel.

Design and production

  • Card design, starting with the client's needs, by a team of experts and engravers of recognized prestige. .
  • Printing, due to the most complete range of current printing systems, offset, silkscreen, invisible inks (visible under ultraviolet light), TIR, OVI and magnetic inks. Printing in iridescence and with guilloches. Micro-printing in positive or negative. Latent image.
  • Inclusion of additional elements in the card, like holograms, magnetic stripe, signature panel, hot stamping, foils, etc.
  • Incorporation of the chip (inlaying) with multiple possibilities in the choice of the component depending on the use to which the card will be put.

Personalization of the card

  • Recording of the data onto the magnetic stripe.
  • Recording of the chip data.
  • Personalization of the cardholder's particulars by means of thermal printing, embossing and/or indenting.
  • Possible inclusion of logotypes, signatures and images by means of thermal printing.
  • Inclusion of the cardholder's digitized photograph.
  • Inserting of the card into a card carrier (presentation letter).
  • Inserting of the card, carrier and advertising into an envelope.
  • Consignment to the addressee as per client requirements.
  • Individual bagging of the card.

Consulting and training

  • Telephone and e-mail consulting services on all matters related to smart cards.
  • Initiation, training and in-depth courses on smart card features and operation.

Customized applications

  • Development of made-to-measure applications and libraries for chip card handling.