Quality System

Aware of the need to meet the Quality expectations that the market is requiring on an increasing basis, the FNMT-RCM has developed a Total Quality System. This defines the entire set of structures, procedures and responsibilities that enable the FNMT-RCM to assure compliance of its products, processes and services with the contractual quality and reliability requisites, in addition to those stipulated in the established Standards and Regulations.

Quality Certifications

The FNMT-RCM is in possession of ISO certification 9001:2000 for the manufacture of chip cards, which ensures strict compliance with the quality criteria.

In addition, the corporation is certified for the manufacture of bankcards Mastercard.

Quality Policy

This system is based on a Quality Policy that expresses the formal commitment of the FNMT-RCM to bring about a constant improvement in the products and services it offers.

FNMT-RCM founds its guarantee on three phases:

  • Quality agreement with suppliers
  • Quality consolidation during the production process
  • Quality certification for the final product