Card Types

The FNMT-RCM is a corporation with a tradition dating back over a hundred years in the manufacture of secure documents and products, such as identity cards or chip cards, using advanced technology.

The most modern technological solutions and highly qualified personnel enable us to guarantee excellent product quality, as borne out by ISO certification 9001:2000.

The FNMT-RCM offers specific solutions to the needs of each client. Its cards can be utilized for the widest range of applications, such as banking, identification, loyalty projects, transport, access control, etc.

Smart cards

The smart card is a conventional plastic card that contains a chip inside. This chip is made up of a microprocessor, a program memory and a working memory structured in several zones. On the outside, the contact plate enables us to communicate with the chip. The material used for the cards is ideal because of its durability, its resistance to wear and tear, and its suitability for printing and embossing.

The smart card, unlike the magnetic stripe card, is an active security element, that is to say, the card itself prevents tampering upon verifying the identity and the right of access.

The security of smart cards is based on the chip and on the operating system mechanisms used for each specific application. These security mechanisms include memories that are resistant to magnetic and electromagnetic fields, erasing of the memory by ultraviolet radiation if an attempt is made to open the module to explore it, utilization of sentinel bits that will allow detection of illegal use, the non-linear distribution of the memory to prevent exploration of its content, and random power consumption regardless of the operation being performed.

Memory cards

Memory cards are equipped with a small memory divided into different zones, in accordance with the client's specifications. This makes them adaptable to a broad range of circumstances. Their multiple uses include prepayment of parking space, where each unit can represent one hour's parking; fairs and entertainment parks where one unit is spent per ride; luncheon vouchers, one or several units counting as having had lunch; phoning, which will use the units as telephone calls are made, etc.

Identity cards

An important group of card applications focuses on identification. This can be visual, with the card containing the photograph and the data of the cardholder. The FNMT-RCM offers broad personalization systems among its global production process services.

Additionally, the possibility of storing information on the card enables user identity to be verified by making use of a personal identification number or by using biometrics data stored on the card.

Identity cards are utilized for different purposes by corporations and institutions.