Quality and Social Responsibility

In addition to providing electronic certification services, Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre-Real Casa de la Moneda makes a huge variety of security products such as: circulating and commemorative coins, medals, banknotes, passports, identity documents, postage stamps, National Lottery tickets, bingo cards, security paper for banknotes and value documents, engravings, government publications and medium and high-security cards and paper.

In the performance of the enterprise's activity, the Management Team is strongly committed to issues concerning social, economic and environmental impact. This has led to the preparation of a sustainability strategy based on the enterprise's characteristic values, which act as a benchmark in its production processes and in the provision of its services.

Accordingly, the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy to which the Management Team subscribes and adheres takes the form of a transversal practice involving the entire organisation. The principles to which it is committed are:

  • Abide by the principles of social responsibility and, in particular, those laid down in Standard ISO 26000 in connection with: accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour, respect for the interests of the parties involved, compliance with the principle of legality, international behaviour standards and human rights.
  • Transparent and efficient financial resource management in order to achieve adequate profitability and income that will guarantee our short and long term viability as a company in the public service sector. Compliance with the national laws and procedures and with international law.
  • Upholding equal opportunities among employees, allowing freedom of opinion, of treatment, avoiding discrimination of any kind,respecting employee privacy, promoting a safe and healthy work environment, with particular attention paid to training and professional development and to the integration of work and family life.
  • Providing clients with a quality service in the agreed time frame, with plain-spoken consultancy services, observing due discretion and privacy of their data, and offering a procedure for the resolution of suggestions and complaints.
  • A policy with regard to suppliers, subcontractors and other trusted external collaborators established on the basis of transparency, objetivity and impartiality, and maintaining due confidentiality and privacy of their data. Promoting their development to mutual advantage and furthering our commitment to corporate social responsibility.
  • Maintaining a respectful attitude towards the Environment, appropriately managing the utilization of resources, raw materials, the handling of waste, effluents and emissions produced in the Company's business activities, and ensuring continued improvement in environmental management.
  • Establishing and promoting communications between the different interest groups, founded on the values of transparency, integrity, truthfulness and collaboration.
  • Promoting events within the company in the categories of cultural activities, research, informative presentations and training courses that relate to the objectives and activities of the FNMT-RCM.

With a view to putting this policy into practice, FNMT-RCM's Management Team undertakes to implement a Social Responsibility Management System which shall be applicable across the entire organisation and its activities. The Management Team shall avail itself of all the means within its reach to support whatsoever measures as may be formulated and shall require each and every member of the workforce to back this policy as far as possible.