Certified digitalization refers to digitalization that ensures the integrity of the result of applying the digitalization process by using any of the electronic signature mechanisms foreseen in the current legislation, Spanish Act 39/2015 and 40/2015.

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Digitalization process

Life cycle

FNMT-RCM offers everything needed to cover the life cycle of a document:

  • Safe transport.
  • Digitalization.
  • Electronic file, authentic copy, ...
  • Custody of electronic documents and access to information.
  • Storage of paper documents.
  • Certified destruction.
Life cycle of a document

Advantages of digitalization

The advantages of certified digitalization of documents offered by FNMT-RCM are the following:

  • Reliability, quality and safety.
  • Own means of the Administration.
  • Experience in transport, management, handling, destruction and traceability of the chain of custody.
  • Premises, processes and human team trained to be able to render the services with logical and physical safety.
  • Experience gained in digitalization and OCR of over 7 million documents.
  • Presence in Committees and Work Groups regulating Electronic Administration: access to information and active participation.
  • Availability of 4 areas of service: Digitalization, Metadating, Verification and Administration.


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