Institutional Transparency

In developing its business, the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre-Real Casa de la Moneda is strongly committed to an awareness of its social, economic and environmental impact. We adhere to a sustainability policy based on the corporate values at our core and which constitute the frame of reference that is the foundation for the success of our products and services.

The FNMT-RCM, does not have its own Transparency Portal, but as a public corporate entity attached to the Ministry of Finance and Public Function through the Office of the Under-secretary, is included in the Transparency Portal of the General State Administration.

Right of access (Act 19/2013, of 9 December, on Transparency, Access to Public Information, and rules of good governance): MINHA Transparency Portal

Organization chart

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Chairman –Chief Executive Officer:
Lidia Sánchez Milán
Nomination BOE Curriculum Remuneration
Human Resources Director:
Vacant position
Commercial Director:
José Miguel Fernández Liencres
Industrial Director:
Miguel Brunete Bravo
Legal Director and General Secretary:
Vicente de los Reyes Rodríguez
Economic, Financial and Information Systems Director:
Felipe Amores Molero

Reports and Statistics


Code of Conduct as supplier of the FNMT-RCM

Procurement Contracts

Objectives and Planning

Equality Plan

Service Charter


Real Estate properties with FNMT-RCM's decision-making control

  • FNMT-RCM Headquarters at Calle Jorge Juan, 106, 28009-Madrid
  • Paper Mill at Avenida Costa Rica, 2, 09001-Burgos
  • Industrial Building at Calle Julián Camarillo, 40, 28037-Madrid
  • Central Warehouse at Calle Alcalá, 534, 28027-Madrid
  • Metallurgical Products Factory at Calle Cronos, 67, 28037-Madrid
  • Service Building at Calle Doctor Esquerdo, 151, 28007-Madrid

Policies and Commitments

Code of conduct

Integrated Policy

Certifications of Approved Management Systems

FNMT-RCM Business Shares

  • Compañía Europea de Cospeles, S.A. (CECOSA) : 50 %
  • J. Vilaseca, S.A.: 12,80 %
  • Imprenta de billetes , S.A. (IMBISA): 20 %

Staff Compatibilities

Public Employee Compatibility