Spain's Presidency of the E.U. - Non-circulating


Silver 2000-peseta coins have been minted every year since 1994. To coincide with Spain's Presidency of the E.U., some 12-Euro coins with motifs illustrating the event were authorized, minted and released.Different issues of 12 Euro Coins: (2003 Spanish Constitution) (2004 Royal Wedding) (2004 Isabella I of Castile) (2005 Quixote) (2006 Columbus) (2007 Treaty of Rome)


The traditional 2000-peseta coin that was manufactured by the FNMT-RCM up to the entry of the European monetary system is now replicated in an non-circulating silver coin with a face value of 12 Euros. On the obverse can be seen the overlapping profiles of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía and on the reverse the European Union Presidency symbol.

Presidencia Española de la UE - no circulante
Name Face value Weight Diameter
Silver 12-Euros 12 € 18 g 33 mm



Silver 12-Euros - Price: 16,00 Euros (*)

The coin is presented in a numbered currency case.

(*) Official issue price in Spain. For current prices, please contact your coin dealer.