Identification Documents

Identification Documents

The FNMT-RCM is responsible for the manufacture of documents that are fundamental in the life of an individual those that vouch for his identity and recognize his aptitudes and rights. The authenticity of these documents and the confidentiality of the data are fundamental in a law-abiding society. The manufacture of documents protected against counterfeiting and tampering, produced in a secure environment, with maximum guarantees and quality, is one of the representative activities of the FNMT-RCM.

Protection against forgeries

In order to prevent forgeries the FNMT-RCM provides the identification documents with the latest graphic security measures. These include special watermarked papers, luminescent fibres and security threads, printing in irising effect, intaglio printing, printing with optically variable inks, laser engraving and OVDs.

Protection against tampering

In order to prevent fraudulent tampering with the data shown on legally issued documents, such as ID cards, Aliens' Cards, driving licenses and passports, security plastics are used that cannot be removed without the document becoming unusable.

Data protection

When documents are personalized in the FNMT-RCM, as is the case of the ID card, the Driving License and the Aliens' Card, the data is handled with full guarantees for the individual and in compliance with the relevant legislation.

Security Elements

Modern identification systems are the best guarantee that will ensure the authenticity of personal data.  They are equipped with the highest levels of physical and logical security which makes forgeries and fraudulent usage immensely difficult.

To do this, the identity card maximizes the most up-to-date security methods and features:

  • Scrambled indicia
  • Microprinting
  • Printing only visible under ultraviolet light
  • Optically variable printing and elements
  • Guilloches
  • Rainbow printing
  • Microprocessor
  • RFID technology

Quality policy

The manufacturing processes for these documents, all fully automated, are equipped with the most innovative technology and the most rigid quality and security controls. All of this ensures an absence of defects in the products delivered to the client, and a total guarantee for the end user.

Typical documents

The FNMT-RCM is entrusted with manufacturing most of the identification documents that a citizen might need:

  • The National Identity Card
  • The Aliens' Card
  • The Driving License
  • The Spanish Passport
  • The "Schengen" Visa
  • EU Residence Permit
  • Travel Documents