Security paper

At its paper mill located in Burgos the FNMT-RCM has for over 50 years been producing papers of optimum quality capable of satisfying the most demanding clients both at home and abroad. The quality of its paper is endorsed by the years of experience in paper production designed for the company's time-honored products, namely banknotes and identity cards, in addition to its enduring tradition in exports of paper to banknote printing works all over the world.

Paper currency

The papers intended for the manufacture of banknotes are formulated with cotton linters as their base material.  Once treated with specific additives, these provide a wear and tear resistance that other papers do not possess.  This is an indispensable quality for paper currency on account of the intensity of its useful life cycle, which no other known paper would withstand.

Different solutions

Depending on the substrate we wish to obtain, variations must be made in the composition of the sizing, the security elements and the chemical agents (biocides) or reactants.  In certain cases fiber-like compounds are used with a percentage of cotton, the remainder being some other type of fiber such as flax, abaca or the like, which will be determined by the proportion requested or by the requirements of the client.

Security features

The watermark, being impossible to forge, is an essential security feature.  To meet the needs of each client, security can be enhanced with visible or invisible fibers, planchettes, security threads, holographic bands, iridescent bands, anti-tampering reactants and other devices.

Experience and Quality

The quality of the FNMT-RCM security paper is substantiated by an experience of more than half a century of manufacturing.  This quality paper that the company offers its clients has been amply proven in the manufacture, in-house, of such time-honored company products as banknotes, identity cards, passports, and so on.  Similarly, the company's experience and degree of technology are enhanced by their manufacturing the paper for the euro banknotes in several EU countries, as well as the multiple banknote and postage stamp papers that are exported to printing works the world over.