Since 1940 the FNMT-RCM has relied on the experience of qualified professionals that, together with the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology in banknote production, have enabled the corporation to meet the different projects assigned by the Bank of Spain and the European Central Bank, and by the Central Banks of other countries.

International quality

The level of technology the corporation uses, which is the most advanced in the sector, and the size of its installed manufacturing capacity, enable the FNMT-RCM to fill orders for countries all over the world, always with the highest quality standards no matter how demanding the technical requirements may be.


The security required for banknotes is guaranteed both by the printing quality and the security features used, in addition to the quality of the banknote substrate, made at FNMT-RCM's own paper mill, situated in Burgos.


Moreover, FNMT-RCM´s research and technological development has allowed to integrate the most advanced security features: water mark, intaglio printing, security thread, holographic patchs or bands, see-through register, iridescent band, optically variable inks, invisible luminescent fibres, transparent windows, etc.

Constant evolution

The FNMT-RCM symbolizes the constantly evolving corporation. Evolving in its processes, in the technology it embraces and in the materials it uses.


In response to the need to adapt to the legal framework for Euro banknote production, on 2 November 2015 Imprenta de Billetes, S.A. (IMBISA) was established, whose corporate purpose is the production of euro banknotes. The company is 80%-owned by the Bank of Spain and 20%-owned by the FNMT-RCM.