Collector Coins

Collector coins

The acquisition of collector coins goes beyond the mere act of collecting. On the one hand the product that is acquired has an acknowledged worth. On the other, the collector keeps a fragment of history and of the most characteristic events, as they feature on the different coins. The FNMT-RCM, as the legatee of the former Madrid Mint, has extensive experience in coin minting. In 1989 it commenced the minting of the first line of collector coins, and today it occupies a key position in the international numismatic markets.

Top qualities

Coins for collectors are mainly minted from precious metals (gold and silver) and are presented with a maximum quality finish known as proof quality.

Proof mintings are differentiated by the contrast between the mat-finish image and the mirror-finish background. This quality is obtained by submitting the die to a special treatment, but, primarily, by dint of a very painstaking process and the strict quality control that is the distinguishing mark of the FNMT-RCM.

Painstaking minting process

The production of collector coins begins with the design and engraving of the dies. In the FNMT-RCM minting takes place on manual-feed presses. This process prevents deterioration of the blanks and allows for great precision, the same piece being struck several times to achieve the full expression of the image.

A meticulous design and a one-at-a-time minting process, complemented by an individualized examination of the finished product, maximum care in cleaning and inspecting the dies, and the use of the latest metal die-coating techniques, result in a product of maximum quality in collector coins and medals.

Collector coins

The value of collecting

The different collector coin sets offered by the FNMT-RCM enable the collector to store a product of recognized value that is at the same time a testimony of the most representative historical events.

Link: Bank of Spain: Collector coins issued in euro.

Worthy of mention is the annual release of different sets and individual pieces that are offered to the general public and are given a warm reception. Among these, the classic silver 2,000-peseta coin that, with the advent of the European monetary system, has translated into a 12-Euro denomination. It is still possible to acquire some of these highly successful pieces by searching among the issues from previous years.

In addition, it is anticipated to issue and release commemorative 2-Euro coins in the Euro zone. Information on these coins can be found in the Circulating Coinage section.

Further details: 'Collector coins in the Spanish Royal Mint' (PDF - 236KB)

Other products

In addition to collector coins the FNMT-RCM makes other product types, such as medals. The manufacture of franking dies and of punches for the hallmarking of precious metals completes the range of products offered by the Minting Department. The FNMT-RCM is in a position to take on the minting of any type of coin, medal or token for whatever type of application: casinos, telephones, etc.