Medallist art is a long-standing tradition of artistic expression at FNMT-RCM, with a high level of prestige due to the quality of its engravers, who put all their experience and enthusiasm into creating small works of art.


The diameter and thickness of the medals means that they can bear larger images than coins. Our bronze and copper medals are produced using designs created over many years by our expert engravers. Year after year their quality and beauty make them more and more attractive to collectors.


You can buy these medals at the Museum Shop individually or in sets, or if you prefer you can visit our online sales catalogue, which includes different themes such as "Professions", "Flora and Fauna", "Illustrious Characters", "Bullfighting", "Rivers" or "Towns and cities".


FNMT-RCM also offers its creativity and technology to companies and organisations, for the coining of bespoke medals for commemorations, gifts, or sale.


Tomás Francisco Prieto Award

In this chapter we highlight our annual issue of medals by the winners of the Tomás Francisco Prieto Awards. 

Premio Tomás Francisco Prieto

In memory of the Chief Engraver of the Royal Mints of King Carlos III, the Royal Mint of Spain can offer lovers of beautiful and exclusive items medals that have been made for us by some of the best artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, an inimitable group of names from the contemporary art scene that in itself justified the existence of the Tomás Francisco Prieto Award.


With this prize, the Royal Mint of Spain wishes to acknowledge great Spanish and Latin American artists, previously connected to medals or not, in order to elevate, promote and extend Spanish medallist art to other creative areas and to disseminate a love for this art and the collection of its pieces among the public.


The artists who have received the Tomás Francisco Prieto Awards are: 1990 Eduardo Chillida, 1991 Antoni Tapies, 1992 Antonio López García, 1993 Eduardo Arroyo, 1994 Pablo Palazuelo, 1995 Andreu Alfaro, 1996 Antonio Saura, 1997 José Luis Cuevas, 1998 Luis Gordillo, 1999 Carmen Laffón, 2000 Roberto Matta, 2001 Juan Barjola, 2002 Rafael Canogar, 2003 Antoni Clavé, 2004 Martín Chirino, 2005 Luis Feito, 2006 Albert Rafols Casamada, 2007 Pepe Hernández, 2008 Guillermo Pérez-Villalta, 2009 Eva Lootz, 2010 Alfredo Alcaín, 2011 Susana Solano, in 2012 Juan Navarro Baldeweg, in 2013, Cristina Iglesias, in 2014, Jaume Plensa, and in 2015, Jose Maria Sicilia.


The bestowing of this award allows the artist in question to design a medal on a topic of their choice, which is then coined by the FNMT-RCM. Once coined, with a limited edition of 225 units in copper, 40 units in silver, and just two in gold, the medal is presented and offered to Her Majesty the Queen of Spain at the Tomás Francisco Prieto Award ceremony for the following year's winner. After this ceremony, held at the Casa de la Moneda Museum, an exhibition is opened featuring the artwork of the previous year's winner.