Security Labels

Security Labels

The aim of the security label is to guarantee that the consumer is protected against any attempted fraud. With correct, visible, secure labelling, increasingly demanding consumers may rest assured that they have acquired the genuine article.

Consistent with its philosophy of total quality underpinning everything it does, FNMT-RCM has set up a highly-successful, top-drawer business line focussed on the area of security labels.

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Research and technique

FNMT-RCM’s ongoing research work in the specific field of security labels means that these products are in a state of constant evolution, enabling us to offer the customer new solutions as regards supports, printing types, security features and so on.

Possible solutions

FNMT-RCM makes a wide range of labels with two common characteristics:

  • Security: the result of the various technologies applied.
  • Guarantee: the hallmark of all FNMT-RCM’s products.

Among the possible solutions are the following:

  • Labels like the ones used by the Guarantee of Origin Regulatory Boards, vouching for the quality of products from the agri-food sector.
  • Notarial Seals and Healthcare Labels.
  • Seals of legitimacy and of guarantee.
  • "Securlab" Security Certificates that guarantee the user the authenticity of the product versus imitations.
  • Security labels as brand identification and protection for textile products, videotapes, etc.

Contact details of the Sales Department

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