The latest developments patented by FNMT-RCM were:

  • Prototypes of paper with new safety and traceability markers based on nanoparticles with luminescent responses.
  • Tactocel ™, which is currently used in the Spanish passport 3.0, is mainly designed to be applied to security paper for banknotes. It is a tactile security feature in the form of a strip that is sandwiched within the paper, and offers a relief shape that makes it suitable for the blind. It is also a great carrier for a number of ink-based security features and, because the security can be concentrated in a relatively small area, it is cost-effective.
  • FNMT-RCM is also very active in the technical development for coins. 20 years ago FNMT-RCM developed the Double Latent Image, which can be seen on a number of high denomination coins around the world. More recently, the Quadruple Latent Image was introduced, which enables four different images to be seen on the coins depending on the angle at which it is viewed. The Quadruple Latent Image can also be applied on plastic substrate, being an innovative anti-counterfeit feature for ID documents, cards, high value packaging etc. More info >>