National ID Documents

National Identity Documents

The FNMT-RCM is responsible for the manufacture of the basic documents required by a citizen during his lifetime, those that safeguard his identity and recognize his qualifications and rights.  The authenticity of these documents and the confidentiality of the data are indispensable in a democracy.  The manufacture of documents shielded against counterfeiting and tampering, produced in a secure environment, with optimum guarantee and quality, is one of the characteristic activities of the FNMT-RCM.

Last generation technologies


With the aim of deterring forgeries, the FNMT-RCM integrates into the identity card the most up-to-date graphic and logic security systems, including iridescent printings, optically variable inks, laser engravings, embossed surfaces, contact chips and contactless radio frequency chips, among others.  Similarly, and with the objective of preventing unlawful tampering with the data consigned to cards that are legally issued, security plastics are utilized which cannot be detached without rendering the card useless.

The processes used in the production of these cards include the most innovative technologies and the most stringent controls in both quality and security.

All of the afore-going guarantees the absence of defects in the products delivered to the client and full assurance for the final user concerning the treatment of confidential data.

The extensive experience gained by the FNMT-RCM in the implementation of identification documents allow the Company to provide consulting services and technical consultancies for integrated identification projects.

DNI 3.0 awarded in the High Security Printing Europe 2016 Conference

Premio DNIeThe new Spanish eID card (known as DNIe 3.0) developed by the Spanish National Police Corps and the FNMT-RCM, won the first "Regional ID Document of the Year 2016" award at the High Security Printing Europe 2016 Conference, held in Bucharest on March 15. 

These awards aim to promote the best in security printing, system infrastructure and implementation of a government passport, identity or other security card scheme.

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