Digital tachograph

Digital tachograph

In collaboration with Spain's Ministerio de Fomento (Department for Development), the FNMT-RCM has developed a monitoring system for road transport vehicles.

This system guarantees the monitoring of compliance with current law regarding maximum driving periods and speeds, thus increasing highway safety and improving how it is managed.


Advanced security

This monitoring system is being implemented in all of the countries that form part of the European Union.  It consists of an electronic device that is fitted in the vehicle and which records the distance covered, the driving speed, and the driving and rest times.

The device transfers these data to a card containing a chip which stores the information generated by the driver during his professional activity.  The authorities responsible for verification, the company that owns the vehicles and the monitoring workshops entrusted with checking the functioning of the equipment, all have their own card.

Furthermore, this card contains a series of security measures that deter tampering, for instance ultraviolet ink printing, micro-printing, color-changing inks and iridescent inks.

Digital tachograph Digital tachographDigital tachograph