Philatelic Products

Philatelic Products

The first Spanish issue of stamps was released by what is today the FNMT-RCM. More than a century of experience in this activity upholds the final quality and the artistic value of its philatelic products, the corporation having attained significant prestige internationally as a stamp manufacturer.

Postal origins

Until the appearance of postage stamps in England in 1840, the postal service was paid at destination, a circumstance that caused many services to remain unpaid. This new system that involved payment at origin was revolutionary and it extended rapidly throughout Europe. In Spain the first postage stamps were not issued until 1850, when they were released by the Stamp Factory, the organization that together with the Casa de la Moneda became the origins of the FNMT-RCM.

A collector article

Independently of the purpose for which they were created, postage stamps and derived articles, with their aesthetic and cultural value, are one of the most collected objects worldwide, and one of the most traditional products of the FNMT-RCM.

Awarded quality

The originality of the designs and the quality of the printing have brought the FNMT-RCM significant prestige as a stamp manufacturer.

Government Postage Stamp Printer's Association (GPSPA) has recently conferred on the FNMT-RCM two awards for the best postage stamp 2006-7 in the following categories:

Best Intaglio stamp: Architectura. Batllo House (Barcelona). Printed in one-color intaglio. Issue dated 8th June, 2006. Run: 1.000.000. More information on the Central Postal Service website.

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Best combined stamp: Quincentennial of the Birth of Saint Francis Xavier. Printed in two-color intaglio and 4-color offset. Issue dated 7th November, 2006. Run: 1.000.000. Engraver: Alfredo Adan de Oro (FNMT-RCM). More information on the Central Postal Service website.

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Production capacity

Equipped with rotary presses that allow stamps to be printed in up to six colors in photogravure and in four-color combinations in offset, one color in photogravure and intaglio printing in three colors. These machines are equipped with register control systems and printing assistance equipment, which guarantees a quality endorsed by the AENOR ISO 9001 certificate. The concurrence of so many possibilities enables work of great beauty and technical complexity.

At the service of the Post

The needs of the Central Postal Service have brought about the emergence of other products, namely Postal Stationery, Aerograms, Postal Service Postcards and, more recently, self-adhesive stamps sold in 25-stamp sheets or in 100-stamp booklets.

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Range of products

The philatelic products manufactured by the FNMT-RCM are:

  • Stamps: Basic Series and Special Issues (Gummed and Self-adhesive stamps)
  • Souvenir Sheets
  • Postal Stationery Envelopes and Aerograms
  • Postal Stationery Cards
  • Post Cards
  • Philatelic Documents