Fiscal seals

Fiscal seals

Fiscal seals for alcoholic beverages and tobacco are a guarantee both for the Public Treasury and for the consumer. The former has the assurance that the relevant tax is being collected, and the latter, that the product he is acquiring is a legally distributed one and therefore complies with the requisites as to quality.

Market control

Since fiscal seals are products intended for the collection of a tax and that serve to control the clandestine market, the different models of fiscal seals for alcoholic beverages and tobacco are numbered and include appropriate security measures. To facilitate the work of the packaging machines the seals are delivered in the appropriate formats depending on the needs of the different production plants. The Stamp Department of the FNMT-RCM is entrusted with the production of fiscal seals.

Products offered

The different types of fiscal seals include the characteristic security measures of the FNMT-RCM and therefore provide an anti-forgery guarantee for the user.

  • Tobacco seals
  • Alcoholic beverage seals
  • Alcoholic beverage stamps