Engineering and R&D&i

Engineering and R&D&i

Engineering and R&D&i is essentially engaged in seeking new procedures and technology that it can apply to the products offered by the FNMT-RCM. This will allow the company to adjust to the market and to meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding clientele. In addition, this department is involved in discovering new products and equipment to be added to those already produced by the FNMT-RCM.

Lines of action

R&D&i has to face a great variety of products and lines of action. Foremost among these are:

  • Identification documents
  • Banknotes and security documents
  • Measuring, verification and monitoring equipment
  • Made-to-measure manufacturing equipment for FNMT-RCM products
  • Specific training in security documents and elements

Research work

The entire operation of research and development is conducted from the Engineering and R&D&i Department. This department is made up of the Laboratory, R&D&i, and Prepress. Only by using a multi-disciplinary team is it possible to carry out such extensive development in the different courses of action that the FNMT-RCM has underway.

Business proposition

Being fully familiar with our lines of action, R&D&i is clearly in a position to study applications for new developments leading to the preparation of complete projects that will satisfy clients' needs.