Quadruple Latent Image

The Quadruple Latent Image

The Quadruple Latent Image is a new coin security feature consisting of four images which are hidden in a particular area of the coin, and can be view depending on the incidence of light, allowing added security and increased possibilities in terms of design and customization.

What it is based on?

The effect is achieved on the metal, engraving a succession of square-based pyramids. 
Each face of the pyramid works as a pixel so that all sides with the same orientation form a complete image.
Quadruple Latent Image - Technical Details


The application of this security feature meets the needs of each client. It can be embedded into particular designs, without affecting the finished product for both Circulated and Commemorative Coins



The Royal Spanish Mint (FNMT-RCM) guarantees a security feature that hinders counterfeiting, and can be applied both on circulating and collector coins, or even on plastic substrate, being an innovative security feature for ID documents and cards.