Digital Certification

Digital Certification

The FNMT-RCM, as a Supplier of Certification Services through CERES, has implemented a series of applications that allow companies to transact their business via Internet in a completely secure manner. The new solutions in certification and authentication of digital identity offered by the FNMT-RCM provide validity and security to electronic transactions.

Certification of the electronic signature

The electronic signature certificate system set up by the FNMT-RCM is an intermediary that is transparent to the citizen, is easy to use, offers convenience of availability, and large capacity for simultaneous access by users of the network. This system is already operational with several applications functioning and many organizations in the process of joining the system. The certificates issued by the FNMT-RCM are of general use and are therefore all-purpose; that is to say, each citizen can communicate with the different administrations with a single certificate.

Certification services

In addition to the popular electronic signature certification system, the FNMT-RCM offers, through CERES, different certification services. Mindful of the end company that is going to be certified, or of the object of the certification, it will issue user identification certificates for either corporate or private use, system component certificates, or digital signature certificates. Apart from the typical services of a certifying body, the FNMT-RCM also offers, through CERES, advanced trusted third party services such as time stamping, non-rejection, certification and message archiving services.

Below is a list of some of our certification services:

CERES project

The CERES project (Spanish Certification) headed by the FNMT-RCM consists of establishing a Public Certification Entity that will enable authentication and guarantee the confidentiality of communications between citizens, companies or other institutions and the Public Administrations via the open communication networks.

CERES: aditional information