The Laboratory evolved, strictly speaking, in the mid-20th century when, in addition to examining metals, it began to conduct tests on papers and inks. Its current activity is much more extensive, responding to the need to conduct tests and analyses on the numerous products that are manufactured in the FNMT-RCM, not forgetting the research focused on improving security features and the technical assistance the laboratory provides to both public and private organizations.


The FNMT-RCM Laboratory has the following accreditations:

  • Official Laboratory for the State Administration
  • Arbitrator for laboratories engaged in the testing of precious metals
  • Technical authority serving the Ministry of Justice in matters falling within its scope
  • ISO 17025 (ENAC). Assays of gold and fine gold (880 - 920 ‰ / 990 - 999,9 ‰) and silver (900 - 950 ‰) monetary alloys.


The Laboratory testing services essential task is to guarantee the genuineness of products made at FNMT-RCM, but due to such a high level of specialization, these services have also been extended to external clients. In this regard, testing services are performed for national and private banks, other mints and security printers, also being a reference laboratory for the control of raw materials in bids both at a domestic and international scope.

  • Printing proof service. This includes printing proofs in wet and dry offset, intaglio and silk-screen printing and typography (numbering), in addition to the application of metallised foils.
  • Medium and printing ink testing service. Here, tests are performed on the quality of the raw materials such as paper and polymeric substrates for banknotes, tobacco and alcohol excise seals, postage stamps, university degrees and diplomas, National Lottery tickets, security labels, etc.
  • ID and payment document testing service. The purpose of this service is to verify the durability, resistance and quality of ID and payment products such as passports, ID cards, driving licences, and credit and debit bank cards.
  • Banknote and other security document testing service.  This service tests the durability, resistance and quality of a variety of products, including paper and polymer banknotes, security labels, cheques, tobacco and alcohol excise seals, postage stamps, etc.
  • Coin and metal testing service.  Here, tests are performed on all properties relating to the quality of euro coins, collector coins (precious metals) and coin blanks. The testing service also covers metallic alloys such as certain low-alloy steels and other metals used in a large variety of products in the commercial scope.
  • Expert testing service. The Laboratory is able to offer an authenticity verification service covering the whole range of security products currently available on the market. Testing consists in the comparison of the doubtful sample with original or benchmark samples.
  • Metrology, calibration and quality-guarantee service. All the measuring equipment used at FNMT-RCM has been issued with the relevant calibration certificates.