Other Documents

Other Documents

The FNMT-RCM manufactures a broad range of products for the Administration. These are of an extremely diverse nature, but they have two features in common: the security provided by the different measures applied to them, and the total guarantee that the FNMT-RCM products have. These products, that carry the endorsement of the FNMT-RCM, add a sense of security and confidence in the product, essential values in the relationship between the Administration and the public.

Showing aptitude

Accrediting the aptitude to perform any activity or profession requires documents, which cannot be forged, which last over time and are difficult to tamper with. This is the case, for instance, of academic degrees or driving and vehicle licenses, in which the FNMT-RCM utilizes both security elements and synthetic material in order to increase their wear resistance.

Research work

The ongoing research work that the FNMT-RCM conducts in its different fields of activity enable these products to be continuously improved and the client to be offered new solutions.

Production capacity

The technical resources of the FNMT-RCM allow it to perform a very wide range of work of greatly differing complexities:

  • Income Tax Forms. Due to the variety of form types and the large volumes that need to be manufactured, they require an exhaustive monitoring and tracking of the process.
  • Voting Cards and Entrance Tickets to Sporting events require rapid response, necessitating the use of powerful personalization systems such as that used to number the Lottery tickets.
  • Other documents, such as the Criminal Record Certificate and Last Will and Testament Form manufactured for the Ministry of Justice, need security both in the substrate and in the printing.

Outstanding products

  • Academic Degrees and Spanish Language Diplomas
  • Provisional Academic Degrees and Civil Servant Status Certificates
  • Vehicle Permits, Driving Licenses, and Military Identification
  • Transport Licenses
  • "Principe de Asturias" and "Palma de Mallorca" Accreditations
  • Income Tax Forms
  • Voter Registration Card and Child ID Card
  • Criminal Record Certificates and Last Will and Testament Forms
  • The Civil Registry Booklets