Residence permit

Residence permit

Identification systems that utilize plastic cards are one of the most secure options with which to protect one's identity.  The FNMT-RCM allocates its entire technical resources to the development and investigation of increasingly secure methods in order to provide the best and most trustworthy product to an ever more demanding market.

The material utilized for this identity card is polycarbonate, a particularly suitable material for laser personalization (black/white) and for cards that must be made to last.

It is composed of a core that needs to be protected by a laminate.

In accord with the latest recommendations, these cards could be inserted with radio frequency chips.  These devices would include in their memory the biometric data of the cardholder, and the digital signatures that ensure the authenticity of this data.

This card, having a common Europe-wide design for residents of third countries, is equipped with a number of security features in order to prevent it from being forged.

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