First Anniversary of the Euro


Complete set First Anniversary of the Euro

The new European currency, the Euro, was launched in the countries comprising the Economic Monetary Union on January 1st 2002.

After the Euro currency has been in circulation for one year, we, by minting these coin sets, commemorate the first anniversary of the Euro as a symbol of a new European Era.


Complete set First Anniversary of the Euro

These proof quality coins commemorating the first anniversary of the Euro portray on the obverse the overlapping profiles of the Spanish King and Queen.

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Details - First Anniversary of the Euro
Name Face value Weight Diameter Mint run
Gold 4 escudos 200 € 13,50 g 30,00 mm 20.000
Silver cincuentin 50 € 168,75 g 73,00 mm 20.000
Silver 8 reales 10 € 27,00 g 40,00 mm 50.000

Gold 4 escudos

Depicted on the reverse is the Greek myth of the Rape of Europa, to which our Continent owes its name.

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Silver cincuentin

The Constitutional coat-of-arms has been reproduced on the reverse of this coin, surrounded by a variety of architectonic styles that are also shown on the Euro banknotes.

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Silver 8 reales

This coin has on its reverse the same motif illustrating the Rape of Europa as appears on the 200 Euro gold coin.

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Complete set - Price: 598,56 Euros (*)

Single coins

Gold 4 escudos - Price: 417,60 Euros (*)

Silver cincuentin - Price: 139,20 Euros (*)

Silver 8 reales - Price: 41,76 Euros (*)

(*) Official issue price in Spain. For current prices, please contact your coin dealer.