Enlargement of the European Union - Commemorative Set


Obverse and reverse of the commemorative set. Enlargement of the European Union

In its meeting in Copenhagen in June 1993 the European Council agreed that the central and eastern European nations were entitled to join the European Union once they had complied with the necessary political and economic criteria. Thirteen countries applied for membership, and ten of them will become new members in May 2004, an occasion warranting the release of this commemorative set.


Brochure and Commemorative set. Enlargement of the European Union

The Spanish Royal Mint has put on sale a set that is composed of ten coins of legal tender (one for each of the "new member states"), and a commemorative medal depicting Charlemagne and the Emperor Charles V, both of them outstanding figures in the history of Europe. Spanish and English versions of this set are currently on sale. The maximum number of sets minted was 40,000.

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Details - Enlargement of the European Union - Commemorative Set
Country Currency Nominal value
Estonia Kroon 10 Senti
Latvia Lats 1 Santims
Lithuania Litas 10 Centas
Poland Zloty 1 Grosz
Czech Republic Koruna 50 Hellers
Slovakia Koruna 10 Halierov
Hungary Forint 1 Forint
Slovenia Tolar 1 Tolar
Malta Lira 5 cents
Cyprus Pound 1 cent


The Set

Complete set - Price: 18.00 Euros (*)

(*) Official retail price in Spain.