6th Ibero-American Series: Architecture and Monuments


Complete set 6th Iberian-American Series: Architecture and monuments

The sixth edition of the Ibero-American Series "Encounter between two worlds" is dedicated to the Architecture and Monuments of all the countries participating in this series of coin issues.

The set is composed of 10 coins, one for each participating country, and a medal commemorating the 6th Ibero-American Series. The maximum mint run for this set is 12,000 units.


Complete set 6th Iberian-American Series:Architecture and monuments

A unique feature of this series is that each participating country has accepted that its national coat-of-arms appear on the coins of the other nations involved, something that has never occurred before in twenty-five centuries of Numismatic history.

The reverse sides of the coins, therefore, show the national coat-of-arms of the issuing country surrounded by the coats-of-arms of the other participating nations.

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6th Ibero-American Series: Architecture and Monuments
Name Face value Weight Diameter
Silver 8 reales Argentina 25 pesos 27,00 g 40,00 mm
Silver 8 reales Cuba 10 pesos 27,00 g 40,00 mm
Silver 8 reales Ecuador 25.000 sucres 27,00 g 40,00 mm
Silver 8 reales Spain 10 euros 27,00 g 40,00 mm
Silver 8 reales Guatemala 1 Quetzal 27,00 g 40,00 mm
Silver 8 reales Mexico 5 pesos 27,00 g 40,00 mm
Silver 8 reales Nicaragua 10 Cordoba 27,00 g 40,00 mm
Silver 8 reales Paraguay 1 guaraní 27,00 g 40,00 mm
Silver 8 reales Peru 1 nuevo sol 27,00 g 40,00 mm
Silver 8 reales Portugal 10 euros 27,00 g 40,00 mm
Silver 8 reales Medal ---- 27,00 g 40,00 mm


8-reales silver Argentina

The obverse of the coin features the façade of the present-day Colon Theatre, situated on lands belonging to the Parque del Ferrocarril Oeste railway station, the location chosen after the closing of the Colon Theatre in the Plaza de las Victorias.

The work was begun founded on the project of the architect Francisco Tamburini, whose unexpected death, however, brought his closest collaborator and colleague, Victor Meano, to the forefront

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8-reales silver Cuba

The obverse of the coin features the ramparts of the city of Havana, work having been commenced in 1674 and brought to completion under the governorship of Juan Francisco Güemes in 1740.

Seventy-five thousand cubic metres of ashlar masonry were used in its construction, an astronomical amount for those times, and the cost escalated to three million pesos. Fragments of the ramparts still stand today as evidence of the Island's urban history.

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8-reales silver Ecuador

The obverse of the coin features the church of the Society of Jesus, one of the greatest treasures of South American Baroque.

The temple's magnificent façade includes six wreathed columns inspired by the Bernini columns in the Basilica of St. Peter, as well as two pillars in the Roman Corinthian style with Renaissance ornamentation.

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8-reales silver Spain

The obverse of the coin portrays one of the façades of the Archive of the Indies, the main documentary depository for the study of Spain's administration in the New World.

Today the Archive of the Indies houses over 43,000 bundles, installed on eight kilometers of shelving, with some 80 million original documents that make it possible to research more than three centuries of history.

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8-reales silver Guatemala

The obverse of the coin depicts the 1st Temple of Tikal, also known as the "Temple of the Great Jaguar".

It is located in the north of the country, in the department of El Petén, and is estimated to have been built around 700 A. C. by the governor Ah Cacao, whose tomb was found inside the building. It is a stepped pyramid-shaped structure with a flight of steps running from the base to the top.

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8-reales silver Mexico

The obverse of the coin illustrates Mexico City's Palace of Fine Arts. Construction of this monument was begun in 1905 under the supervision of the Italian architect Adamo Boari and with the intention of giving the country a National Theatre.

This majestic building is almost completely made of Carrara marble. It is now the center for the country's most important cultural events.

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8-reales silver Nicaragua

The obverse of the coin features the façade of the Basilica Cathedral of the Assumption, built 250 years ago in the City of Leon. It was named "Building of the Millennium" by the National Assembly of the Republic of Nicaragua in 1999.

One of this Cathedral's treasures is the lion that keeps watch over the tomb of the Father of Castilian letters, Ruben Dario.

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8-reales silver Paraguay

The obverse of the coin represents the Temple of the Holy Trinity, built in mid-19th century, and completed under the supervision of the architect Alejandro Ravizza.

It features a five-portal façade oriented to the north and crowned by the Christian cross. It also has a corbie gable with inverted consoles that give it a certain Flemish air.

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8-reales silver Peru

The obverse of the coin depicts the citadel of Machu Picchu located in the sacred valley of the Incas in the Department of the Cusco at an altitude of 2,350 metres.

Its construction is attributed to the Inca Pachacutec, the founder of the Tawantinsuyo. It may have been a sacred fortress or temple dedicated to the cult of the Sun God, though it has also been considered a sanctuary where the Acilas were trained. These were women chosen and educated in the temple, who would later serve the Inca and the High Priest.

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8-reales silver Portugal

The obverse of the coin, designed by the renowned sculptor V. Nogueira da Silva, represents the Cathedral of Oporto, and shows the frontispiece in perspective.

The figures represented indicate both the Romanesque (12th-13th centuries) and the Baroque (17th-18th centuries) structures of the façade, on which the battlements are visible to this day, conveying the impression of a fortress-church.

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8-reales silver Medal

The obverse features the design used on the common reverse of the coins, with the coats-of-arms of the participating countries.

The reverse presents us with the map of the Ibero-American World surrounded by the text that unites us, "Encounter between two worlds".

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