30 Euros - Fourth Centenary of El Greco

Fourth Centenary of El Greco

To mark the occasion of the fourth centenary of the death of Domenicos Theotocopoulos, El Greco, (1541-1614), the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre-Real Casa de la Moneda has issued a collector coin designated "Fourth Centenary of El Greco".

This coin, minted in sterling silver, has been given a face value of 30 Euros.

Details - 8 reales silver- Fourth Centenary of El Greco

The obverse portrays the overlapping likenesses of Their Majesties King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.

The reverse reproduces a scene from the canvas "The Knight with His Hand on His Breast" painted by Domenicos Theotocopoulos, El Greco. The painting is housed in the National Prado Museum in Madrid. The coin exhibits a rectangle on the right that reveals concurrently, in quadruple latent image, a paintbrush, the date 1614, a brushstroke and the date 2014.

Secuencia animada con los cuatro motivos de la imágen latente cuádruple

Any one of the four possible motifs included in the quadruple latent image can be viewed by a slight alteration of the viewing angle.

Fourth Centenary of El Greco

Fourth Centenary of El Greco
Name Composition Face Value Weight Diameter Quality Mint run
8 reales .925 sterling silver 10 € 27 g 40 mm Proof 30.000



Official retail price in Spain, excluding any relevant taxes:

Currency case for the 30-euro silver coin: 42,98 Euros

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