7th Series Numismatic Treasures


The 7th set of collector coins in the "Numismatic Treasures" series has been released. The series consists of reproductions of outstanding pieces from Spain´s numismatic holdings.

This year, the issue is dedicated to Phoenician and Iberian coinages: Hemidrachm from Ebusus, Gadir Light Drachm and As from Clounioq.

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Minted to proof quality, the collector coins in this 7th Numismatic Treasures series come boxed in stylish jewel cases.

The coins may be acquired as single items, or in full sets of three coins.

7th Series Numismatic Treasures
Name Composition Face Value Weight Diameter Mint Run
2 Escudos .999 gold 100 € 6,75 g 23mm 2.500
8 reales .925 sterling silver 10 € 27 g 40 mm 7.500
Coin diameter 13.92 mm .999 gold 20 € 1,24 g 13,92 mm 7.500


2 Escudos

On the obverse, inside a circle in the centre of the coin, is showed the observe of a hemidrachm from Ebusus: an image of BES, a Phoenician-Punic deity and was the protector of households and sleep. This image is always depicted facing, bearded and with his tongue out, wearing a crown finished off with a plume. It is wearing a short tunic, with a mallet in his right hand and a serpent in his left.

Occupying the entire reverse of the coin is a reproduction of the reverse of the Ebusus hemidrachm: a bull walking left with head facing.

8 reales

The obverse of the coin represents a Gadir Light Drachm, showing as Melqart's head, a Phoenician deity associated with the Greek divine hero, covered in a Nemean lion skin.

The reverse of drachm depicts a tuna fish, between Punic legends which are understood to mean struck in Gadir. The tuna is the deity's symbol and also bears witness to the colony's fishing and salting activities.

Moneda 13,92 mm diameter

Inside a circle in the centre of the obverse is a reproduction of the obverse of an as from Clounioq: a right-side profile of a man's head with curly hair in the manner of a helmet. This figure could be interpreted as the city's hero and protector. To his left, there are two vertical lines (II): in the Iberian alphabet, I means Ba. To the right of the profile, there is a dolphin.

Covering the entire surface of the reverse is a reproduction of the Clounioq as, with one of the variations of the Iberian horseman, wearing a helmet and holding a lance. The horse is a symbol of prestige associated with the warring aristocracy.


Official retail price in Spain, excluding any relevant taxes:

Complete set

Set 3 coins - 485 Euro (*)

Individual coins

2 escudos gold - 375 Euro (**)

8 reales silver - 45 Euro

Coin diameter is 13.92 mm - 65 Euro (**)

(*) Collector sets that include gold and silver coins: VAT is applied to the silver coins only.

(**) The gold "2 escudos" and "Coin diameter is 13.92 mm" coins: VAT-Exempt in the E.U. member states.

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