2 Euro Proof - Santiago de Compostela


As a continuation of the theme initiated in 2010 for 2 euro commemorative coins to commemorate properties and sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the FNMT-RCM issues the ninth coin in this series, this time dedicated to the Old Town of Santiago.

Santiago de Compostela was declared Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO in 1985, considering that its urban beauty and monumental integrity were complemented by the profound echoes of its spiritual significance as an apostolic sanctuary and destiny of the most important religious and cultural movement of the Middle Ages: the pilgrimage along the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago de Compostela.

The coin, individually hand-minted utilizing specially treated blanks and dies that ensure maximum quality, is presented in a stylish coin case that protects and at the same time allows a perfectly clear view of both faces of it.

On the front of this coin is reproduced the image of Santiago Peregrino, which is located in the central arch of the canvas of the Holy Door, in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Click to see enlarged image of this coin's observe and reverse..

The characteristics of the piece are as follows:

2-euro commemorative coin

  • Weight: 8,50 g
  • Diameter: 25,75 mm
  • Quality: Proof

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